Signature of Ireland Series

My ‘Signature of Ireland Series’ distils moments on a journey through Dublin, Ireland’s capital city nestled in the east of the country between a crescent of mountains and a sweeping bay. Each piece celebrates the unique and often unnoticed beauty of a special place at its most magical time of day as every element dances with the sun in the shimmering light.

Petal & Stem Series

Sometimes I buy a single stem of iris from the sellers on Grafton Street, Dublin’s famous shopping area, noticing the grey of the stem,
the deep magenta petals and the sliver of chartreuse between them. This series is a day spent with a flower, studying it in light and dark,
celebrating the uniqueness of the same flower in the changing light.

At The Edge of the Word

Handwoven Heirlooms

40 hours and 5,000,000 stitches of cashmere, linen & silk painstakingly tell a story of the moment that inspired each piece.

Behind the Scenes with Brendan Joseph

Discover what inspires my work and the stories behind it.